Prison to Rehab

On Monday the District Court Judge refused bail, and on Friday the Supreme Court Judge granted bail. So on Monday I lay on my bed for hours, unaware that nightfall had come and unaware that I had not eaten lunch or dinner.

On Friday I cried and smiled at the same time.

So yesterday (after eighteen weeks of remand) we waited nervously at the centre gates for his release.  I don’t know what my heart was doing as I watched the familiar stride of my son emerge from the concrete and wire enclosure.  It was amazing to see his beautiful smile, his warm brown eyes and to hear that familiar “hi mum” voice.

In accordance with his conditions of bail – we then drove to the “Transitional Centre” which was about forty minutes away. For the first time ever, I was so happy to be delayed in the slow snail pace of afternoon traffic!

Hidden amongst the trees and overgrown bush vegetation, we located the facility which will hopefully help in the healing of my son.  In the darkness of night, it looked a little ramshackle, almost as if the old buildings and broken pathways were been reclaimed by the encroachment of Mother Nature herself. 

And so our next journey begins – my grief may be reclaimed by faith and happiness, and his pain may soon be mended.

3 thoughts on “Prison to Rehab

      • We’re connected by our experiences. I hoped desperately that your horror would be short-lived. It means a lot to me to see issues such as yours being resolved; I’m so happy that your son has gone forward a stage; and you feel a little more at ease. I hope I’ll always be here to read your posts, if you are moved to write them.

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