When Our Adult Children Reject Us


The first week is hardly noticed, as the routine of everyday life masks the absent messages or phone calls.  But a mother almost always senses when there is a ‘change’ within her child.  And as the child ages into an adult – these ‘changes’ can be felt evermore.

By the end of two weeks, it becomes difficult to sleep normally – the long hours of night are interrupted with random scenarios of an adult child living a very troubled existence.  Difference avenues of contact are used to try and reach our son, who at age 26 deems it fair and justified to suddenly ‘cut us’ from his life.  Phone calls, text messages, facebook are all rigorously used to establish contact – but to no avail.

After three weeks (or 21 sleepless nights), we still do not know of the location, welfare or well-being of our much loved son.  Unopened mail…

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